Monday, September 23, 2013

Youth Group and I Am

 Soo... last night was Youth Group. LOTS OF FUN even though I didn't do much! LOL I found out we have to write some facts about ourselves and have the paper called "I Am".

So... Here are some things I thought of!

I am Ruth Torrijos (duh)

I am a costumer

I am fun!

I am a jokester! (sometimes at other's expense... do forgive me!)

I am happy-go-lucky (a lot of the time)

I am sympathetic

I am sad when you are

I am crying when things go wrong (But I try not to let anyone know!)

I am a Junior or Highschool (doing Senior coursework)

I am a history freak! (but you already knew that :P)

I am a Christian (that needs to grow closer to God)

I am hoping that I don't irritate people and that they like me

I am concerned for people with bad home lives

I am a talker, but also a doer

I am short

I am loving babies (Human or animal!)

I am for hunting and all things outdoors

I am for parties (especially costume parties)

I am for theatre (and other costuming etc.)

I am Homeschooled

I am for spaghetti and BBQ

I am all about getting married and having a family (Later on of course! LOL)

I am about friends!

I am about guitar! (especially with a band to play with!)

I am about Medieval stories! eta: (I'm sorry for what this sounded like... this is not what I meant! lol I meant Medieval stories... forget the violent and romantic, my mom classifies Henty as violent! lol)

I am about movies

I am about reading 300+ page books (shorter ones end too soon!)

I am about being frank (so tell me what you honestly think of me! )

I am about Army! ( I think you knew that!)

I am about good grades! (though they are hard to get!)

I am about Hurricanes!

I am about contact sports (watching!)

I am about writing stories!

I am about blogging... (DUH!)

I am all about learning how to be a good Christian

I am about free patterns! ROFL

I am about horses, riding, ranches, and old westerns!

I am about old movies (but I love highly accurate modern BBC historic fiction moves. eg. Kidnapped!)

I am about sunny days and sundresses

I am about beach cottages (they seem the only place I could get away with '40's and 60's styled sundresses! :P)

I am LOVING Youth Group!

So... thats it I guess and you don't get a link to link you to cause I don't have time.. *wink* did you see that? ROFL




  1. You are also awesome, sweet, a good friend, a good make-up artist (i'm never ever going to forget the mascara beard....and that i thought it was real! :O :P), a good horse sitter, skyper, and I'll think of more things later :D I can't wait to meet you! :)

    1. LOL thanks a lot, Theresa! :D (JB did the beard! I thought I told you that! lol) but... to keep your comment true... I have been complimented on my own personal makeup! :D Uh... I CAN be sweet.. I'm not always! lol awesome? REALLY?! lol Thanks, you're so sweet!

      Love ya'!