Friday, January 24, 2014

Long Hair

Alright... I have seen some things online telling you how to grow your hair REALLY fast... and I've found a way that works...

I got my hair trimmed toward the end of December (I do not have any pictures, I'm sorry) and it was two inches off... Soooo I have this cool stuff called Indian Hemp which is what Indians from India put on their hair. It's sort of like grease, but not quite grease and if you put the right amount in, it doesn't grease up :) It's very light, doesn't weigh your hair down, and is completely natural! :) I use that, and Bedhead Conditioner, and some regular conditioner and I have grown my hair back to its length.. PLUS two inches! here is my schedule for beauty care ;):

Sunday- wash my hair

Monday- wash my hair and put in regular conditioner

Tuesday- wash my hair and put in the Indian hemp

Wednesday- Don't wash my hair put in another dose of Indian hemp

Thursday- wash my hair and put in regular conditioner

Friday- wash hair and put in bedhead

Saturday- don't wash hair

This is scheduled PERFECTLY so that my hair looks beautiful on Sunday! :D (which is important to me because that's usually when I go out, and everyone I know is at Church) So this really works... Don't forget a periodic trim to get rid of your dead ends and also a little something I learned: Take a section of your hair, twist it lightly, and then trim off any dead ends that show themselves! :) If you do it in a well lighted room, you can easily find all of them.

So hope this helps some of you (I know it helps me make a periodic post ;) )



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Party Dress Plan

Yay! It's for sure now! This will be my next project... a 1950's prom dress for a Homeschool Ball me and dear Bascha and Theresa are attending this April! So my basic style is narrowed down to two patterns.. so i will put links to both :)

strap style

halter neck

Tell me which one would look better in this FABULOUS tulle! :O

The great thing is... I can get this for only $0.99 per 54" yard! :O is that crazy or is that CRAZY!? lol So yes.... That's my ideas... and how would that coral tulle look with a pair of DELIGHTFUL silver pumps? Gorgeous? ;) lol I am totally excited about this and can't WAIT to make it! :O Also... I still haven't decided what colour lining (and any smooth parts of the bodice) I will go with... Maybe a silky beige or pinkish sheet from Goodwill? :D

Totally excited!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Project (I hope!)

Sooo my dear friends Bascha and Theresa have invited me to a Homeschool Ball in Charlotte this coming April. I am SOOO hoping and praying I can make it! :O It will be so awesome if I can! :D Sooo, I am thinking, some kind of poofy tulle skirt, and I have no idea for the top, except that I want that little scarf affect ... like this!

And this...

I'm actually thinking I may just replicate this dress! LOL except that I would have to make the neckline slightly higher... I personally don't like to show cleavage :) but I will do strapless if the neckline is high enough! LOL

I also love this dress... *sigh* what shall I do? :D

Well, dearies, as you can see, I am attempting to keep to my New Year's resolution! LOL I HAVE MADE A BLOG POST! ROFL