Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Epic Gift/ Stays Completed

Before I begin today's program, I would like for you to join me in a moment of silence for a dearly departed. This good friend of mine left us while I was working on the eyelets of my stays. It was very hard to go on knowing they would not be there, and a little confusing knowing what direction to surge ahead in. I miss my embroidery needle very much.

Okay, now that the solemnities are over with... let us all let out a huge scream because... I AM DONE MY STAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe so now on to the pictures shall we? :D

here we have it folded in half :) ALL that extra lacing is extremely necessary for slipping it over my head and shoulders :O

The lacing in the back :)

lacing hanging over the front

Then we went for some artsy pictures :D ;) I have never done these before so don't kill me if you're like... whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!

Bottom edge binding

Top edge  binding

Lacing :)

Laces along with the lining

seam in the lining

And one more artsy one of the laces

What do you think? :) Let me know! :D