Sunday, September 29, 2013

Missions Sunday

Alright, I had SOOOO much fun, I couldn't resist doing a post! This was just awesome!

We had, I think, four missionary couples. Yes, it was four! And then a single lady missionary, too. So, our Pastor John, interviewed them a little, and then we had a potluck.

Before the Potluck, though, I went up and got prayer for a friend's church. They were really nice. I was afraid it would look kinda strange, me being so young, to go up and get prayer, but they were really enthused about it, and so was Nathan and Kate and Lizzie.

So then there was the Potluck. I wasn't hungry, so I stayed and talked to my old Youth leader, Katie Fancher (the same Kate from above!), and her 'baby' brother Joe. LOL okay, little clarification, Joe is not a baby! But he IS the youngest in their family! xD anyway, I talked to them, and held Katie's little baby. This time it really is a baby! LOL

Miles is about one and a half, I think. Anyway, he didn't use to like me to hold him, I never did hold him, because he wouldn't let me! :( So today, he was just 'toddler' standing there beside Katie, and I scooped him up. He was so sweet, and just sat there playing with his empty coffee cup! I held him for about seven minutes, and then Katie said that she was going to go home early because she had some things she needed to do, so she was taking Joe and Miles with her. And when she tried to take Miles, he wouldn't leave! I had to put him into her arms because he wouldn't go to her! So anyway, that made me happy, especially when they were standing there to leave and 'Uncle Joe' was holding him while Joe's mom talked to another lady, and Miles just kept looking over Joe's shoulder with these really big blue eyes! It was SOOOO sweet!

ANYWAY! lol After lunch, we all had these separate 'tour guides', I think we called them Operatives because the whole Sunday had been kinda tweaked toward a mock of spy missions! LOL Anyway, they wore all black and black shades which was really funny! Anyhow, we went to five different rooms. One was just about being a Nominal Christian, another was about Islam, how Islamic people get converted to Christianity: Then there was the Animism room which was mostly about how people translate the Bible and all the difficulties they run into. (This one was about translating because most of the people that need the Bible translated are Animists or something, I don't remember exactly now!) Then there was the Northern African Islam room. This was the AWESOMEST ROOM EVER!!!!!! So... in light of this, it deserves its own section!

We enter the room with our Operative, and the first thing we hear, is someone speaking in a foreign language! We saw this little gate type thing, and there was a guy in army pants and combat boots (this was Josh, my Youth leader! LOL he's a RIOT! :D) and so... Me and Lizzie (that's Josh's wife, also one of my Youth leaders, and me and her get along real well! :D) Me and Lizzie waited our turn, everybody was being asked for ID and the guys were being frisked! LOL So we got closer and I could hear that he was speaking German. So Lizzie goes through and he's like, "You're ID, please," in kinda brokenish English! And she gave it, and he asked for her phone etc. and placed it on a shelf and then ushered her through. Then I went through, and he was like, "Oh! You're ID, please?" and I said, "I don't have any." And he goes, "No ID? This way, please," and shoes me into this little pen made of wire fence! LOL A few others didn't have ID either and were sent in. Mr. Harris, one of the parents in our congregation, didn't have ID, but he flashed some cash at the guard and got to go right in! LOL So then, Nathan, our Senior Youth leader, was taking pictures, and the missionary lady, playing the role of an Islamic African lady, came running forward and covering her face with her mantle. She started blithering away to Josh in some kind of foreign tongue! It was so AWESOME. And she was like, "No camera!" to him, so Josh goes, "No camera!" to Nate! HAHA! so he told him not to take pictures. Then the lady saw us girls in the detention pen with, "OH MY GOSH!" NO VEILS! LOL (she didn't say Oh my gosh! She exclaimed in some kind of African language! Maybe it was Berber.) And so she ran to this basket, grabbed some scarves, tossed them over us, and then lead us out. There were three of the other girls sitting up on the little platform with her on cushions, the rest of us sat in chairs and.... of all the funny things! The boys had to sit on the opposite side as the girls! One guy tried sitting, I think with his WIFE, and she made him go to the other side! LOL That's how they do things over there, though. And it is nice that they try to keep things pure :). So then, we had a talk on their traditions and how we would reach out to them etc..  And I found out that Josh was only speaking German cause it was the only foreign language he knew! LOL

So, the rest of the tour consisted of... the Bhuddist room. Which was pretty much about Bhudda's philosophy, and then about the Parable of the Sower. So that was interesting. I'd love to be a missionary someday! Joe and Lizzy and the North African missionary told me maybe someday I would be! :D so maybe... but I don't know what I'd like to do when I get older.... So...

Well, yeah, that was this Sunday! It was fun, I especially liked talking with Kate and Lizzie and Joe! I wish EVERYBODY could have been there! It was SOOO much fun! I hope to have pictures soon, but I'll have to contact Nathan first!



God bless you all!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Youth Group and I Am

 Soo... last night was Youth Group. LOTS OF FUN even though I didn't do much! LOL I found out we have to write some facts about ourselves and have the paper called "I Am".

So... Here are some things I thought of!

I am Ruth Torrijos (duh)

I am a costumer

I am fun!

I am a jokester! (sometimes at other's expense... do forgive me!)

I am happy-go-lucky (a lot of the time)

I am sympathetic

I am sad when you are

I am crying when things go wrong (But I try not to let anyone know!)

I am a Junior or Highschool (doing Senior coursework)

I am a history freak! (but you already knew that :P)

I am a Christian (that needs to grow closer to God)

I am hoping that I don't irritate people and that they like me

I am concerned for people with bad home lives

I am a talker, but also a doer

I am short

I am loving babies (Human or animal!)

I am for hunting and all things outdoors

I am for parties (especially costume parties)

I am for theatre (and other costuming etc.)

I am Homeschooled

I am for spaghetti and BBQ

I am all about getting married and having a family (Later on of course! LOL)

I am about friends!

I am about guitar! (especially with a band to play with!)

I am about Medieval stories! eta: (I'm sorry for what this sounded like... this is not what I meant! lol I meant Medieval stories... forget the violent and romantic, my mom classifies Henty as violent! lol)

I am about movies

I am about reading 300+ page books (shorter ones end too soon!)

I am about being frank (so tell me what you honestly think of me! )

I am about Army! ( I think you knew that!)

I am about good grades! (though they are hard to get!)

I am about Hurricanes!

I am about contact sports (watching!)

I am about writing stories!

I am about blogging... (DUH!)

I am all about learning how to be a good Christian

I am about free patterns! ROFL

I am about horses, riding, ranches, and old westerns!

I am about old movies (but I love highly accurate modern BBC historic fiction moves. eg. Kidnapped!)

I am about sunny days and sundresses

I am about beach cottages (they seem the only place I could get away with '40's and 60's styled sundresses! :P)

I am LOVING Youth Group!

So... thats it I guess and you don't get a link to link you to cause I don't have time.. *wink* did you see that? ROFL



Saturday, September 21, 2013


I love paintings! Okay... these aren't my era (as in sewing era) but I still like them, and I love Wallace and all things Medieval as well as the Civil War etc.! lol

Wallace at his 'trial'. Of course, the English framed him...

Isn't she pretty? Wish I looked like that! lol

Another pretty lady! I love this picture!

The Lady of Shallot

Not sure what's going on, but I like both dresses!

I've always loved this pic! I'm thinking of getting some Medieval patterns! :D

This one is pretty, too!

I once knew who this was! lol Can't remember now... Anyone know?

Ophelia... was that the name of the girl above? lol

Beautiful bride! I can't wait to be one! *sigh*

Awww! this one's pretty! Night errant and his beautiful lady!

So... an outlet of my Medieval fanatasism cause I've been reading lots of Henty's.. and if you don't know what they are.. look up George Alfred Henty! He wrote lots of awesome books! Alright... so these are all pretty and I'm glad I've put these up, cause I'm hoping to someday make a Medieval gown! :D



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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MY WOOL DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, so I found out after I took these pics that the trouble I was having with the points was because I forgot to bone them... So I'll have to fix that! But this dress works beautifully 'as is' with an apron! LOL

And yes... when I make my new corset, I will need to alter this dress!

Got to love those sleeves! xD

Back fashion darts where you can also see that this dress was not made perfectly tight... Forgive the white thread... that is not necessary I think I forgot to take it out! *roll eyes*

Hmmm... am I smelling them or weeping? LOL


Alright, that's all for now! lol Don't forget to check out my custom site! When it's completely finished, this dress will go up on that site! lol

Let me know what y'all think!



Saturday, September 14, 2013

Picnic in the Park

Here it is! As requested! Please post a comment if you like it. This was my bros' production and I'm sure they'll really enjoy knowing how much it was liked! :D

There it is! :D since you can't leave a comment on Dropbox... feel free to add one here! Even if you don't follow my blog! lol :D I'd love to know what you all think!

eta: And ... I'm sorry I didn't realize that my comment settings were saying you couldn't post a comment if you were anonymous! I took that off and anyone can post! :D Thanks!



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Friday, September 13, 2013


I promised to post something that we did, didn't I? lol This is actually a bad idea... but oh well! Last night, I had to stay up to check on our horse every 2hrs because she had found out somehow that our electric fence battery was broken! LOL so... I tie her to the pear tree and I have to check on her every 2hrs to make sure she didn't run off! Some ideas of what you can do when you have to stay up all night...

Watch 15 episodes of Little House on the Prairie-

Take pictures of how tired you look and send them to a friend to receive the update in the morning-

Check your email a thousand times-

Check your blog views a million times-

If you have someone staying up with you...

Read earlier Skype convos to them and laugh uncontrollably-

Rant to them about the stupid storylines drama tv shows come up with-

Think how wonderful it is that you staying up so long is helping burn more Cals-

And remember... do what I say, not as I do! LOL So what I say is... Never do this! You'll have every song they ever played in LHOTP stuck in your head the next day... when you're sitting down you will randomly fall asleep when you didn't even want to... You will have a splitting headache... Oh and did I mention that it is absolutely impossible to sleep during the day with younger siblings around? LOL and when you stand up, you might get VERY dizzy with a bad headache! lol that only happened a few times! xD

So... lesson learned... when you stay up all night.... DONT watch only one tv show! watch maybe different episodes of 3 different show! LOL

God Bless!


Oh... and the project we really did was clay sculptures (I didn't do any of this only my younger siblings) bake them, and paint them! Lots of fun!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Thanksgiving Dress

This dress I just made for my little sister is so "Holidays" to me! lol The colours the pattern... So, that explains the title! lol Here are some cute pics!

Mother's things are a bit too big!

Lol so I'm not really her mom, but it makes a cute pic, don't you think? :D

How are the gathers looking? Believe me, everything looks WAY better in RL! lol

I love these sleeves! I need to make myself a dress like this! lol

See what I mean? lol This project was SO easy! I used simplicity... I forget what! lol it's the one with the two little girls in grey dresses on the front!

Sorry for the sudden orange lighting! my camera's having problems... :(

So... tell me what y'all think! If you're attracted to this dress, I can make one for you! Or any other style you like! Check out my site: The sunbonnet and apron are also possible orders! Thanks for stopping by!

God Bless,

1930's Reproduction Clemonts Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anyhow, go ahead and share it! It gives ya' points for winning! lol Unfortunately, I don't think I'll win since I don't have FB or twitter... but go ahead those of you who do! xD

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Alright, I rather forgot that today was 9-11... my humble apologies to everyone. Especially those who went through it. I don't want people to forget what a terrible day it was, so I am making this post to do my small share in helping everyone remember it.

We should never forget this day! This was a time when the American people suffered!

God Bless!

Goodbye Girlie!

Okay... another goodbye! :*( My sister went to college last winter, but we didn't think she'd be able to go this Autumn. So... I wasn't expecting her to leave.... I irritated her sometimes.. but she always did stuff with me anyway! Like watching movies... or surfing the internet... or looking at her Facebook... or looking at the latest styles! So much fun most of the time! Her story is rather interesting so I will give space to tell it to you!

Ella, (my older sister) came home in the middle of March. She got a minimum wage job, and still had some stuff to pay from last year's bill. So, after working as long as she could, there just wasn't that $2,360 (or something like that) money hanging around! lol So we started praying about it, because she really wanted to go back! I mean, she wants to be a lawyer! that's undergrad and then gradschool! So, there were only three days, (we thought) after they took her balance down to that $2,360, and so we sent in to the Christian radio station (K-Love) that we needed prayer for this. So, the time "ran out" and I forgot all about it (I'm not sure about the others) So last Sunday, we went to church, and you know, listened to the sermon and then stayed a while. Well my mom got to talking (with my sister) to a guy that's really a friend of all us older kids. (Phil and he's about 26) And my mom asked if he would pray about it. So he said sure. Now today, my sister checks her email (she was still getting regular alerts from her college Brandeis) and finds a letter from the admissions in there. She opens it and they say that they've fixed her scholarships and her loans (and all the rest!) and she now has a balance of $0.00 and that she'd better choose classes and register from them! Talk about awesome!

So... right now, she's on her way up to Waltham, MA with my mom and older brother driving. (Yes, this does mean lots of crafts while they're gone and more interesting posts like Trouble with Tribbles!) So, this is a sad goodbye, but also a happy one since she'll be doing what she wants to do! Hurray! And thank you LORD!

God Bless and have a great ... weekend? lol

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Here are some pics... I've had to redo things it seems a hundred times!

No... that's not a green belt! That's my corset cause my skirt slipped. (I think I made it slightly big...)

Kind of a crummy pic... but can you see that the sleeve piping's nice now? :)

Sorry about the blur on this one...

Anyhow, a list of what I know need to do...

Pipe the waistline on the bodice, Sew the front placket, Do a faced hem on the skirt and attach the skirt to the bodice, bone the point which will be floated, and then put on hooks and eyes.

Actually, I need a poll here! Hooks and eyes, or Hooks and eyelets? What's the vote? eyelets are holes in the material that are sewn like buttonholes...

What d'ya think?

Don't forget to check out my website! On a little side note to you... the first two purchases for dresses will only have to pay for material, thread, trim, and fifteen extra dollars for my work! That's a bargain! :)

God Bless! :D

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Answer to Piping Troubles

I got the answer. It's because I didn't cut my piping fabric on the bias! So now I will be taking ALL the piping out, recutting it, resewing it, and then it will work! (WHAT A LOAD OF WORK!) So there you have it. When you make piping be sure to cut it on the bias because if you don't, the material won't stretch enough. So, off to make more piping....

Also, just as a side note, I've noticed that every time I make a new post, my pageviews go up like by 20 in about 40 minutes! O.o eta: I know that it goes up 1 pageview every time I post, but it's NOT 20! lol I'm sure there are people following my blog that it doesn't tell me are. Is this a problem with my comp, or do you guys just not know how to add my blog to your following list? lol If that's the case, post a comment and I'll get back to you on how to fix that. I know my friend Theresa didn't know how to follow it, so if that's a common problem, just let me know and I'll post how to do it! :)

Don't forget to check out my custom orders site (You guys must be tired of hearing this! You can fix that by getting someone to place an order! :P)

God bless!

P.S. I don't know if they're following this blog but... Congratulations to Atlanta and her husband Jordan on their expected addition! I'm praying for you guys!

Neckline Piping Troubles

Alright, still trying to figure my bodice out. My armscyes are piped and the sleeves put on and here is the trouble I am having with the neckline piping. See the turn out?

WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How am I going to fix this? With the help of the ladies on the SEWING ACADEMY! Three cheers I'm sure they'll fix it! lol

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