Friday, September 13, 2013


I promised to post something that we did, didn't I? lol This is actually a bad idea... but oh well! Last night, I had to stay up to check on our horse every 2hrs because she had found out somehow that our electric fence battery was broken! LOL so... I tie her to the pear tree and I have to check on her every 2hrs to make sure she didn't run off! Some ideas of what you can do when you have to stay up all night...

Watch 15 episodes of Little House on the Prairie-

Take pictures of how tired you look and send them to a friend to receive the update in the morning-

Check your email a thousand times-

Check your blog views a million times-

If you have someone staying up with you...

Read earlier Skype convos to them and laugh uncontrollably-

Rant to them about the stupid storylines drama tv shows come up with-

Think how wonderful it is that you staying up so long is helping burn more Cals-

And remember... do what I say, not as I do! LOL So what I say is... Never do this! You'll have every song they ever played in LHOTP stuck in your head the next day... when you're sitting down you will randomly fall asleep when you didn't even want to... You will have a splitting headache... Oh and did I mention that it is absolutely impossible to sleep during the day with younger siblings around? LOL and when you stand up, you might get VERY dizzy with a bad headache! lol that only happened a few times! xD

So... lesson learned... when you stay up all night.... DONT watch only one tv show! watch maybe different episodes of 3 different show! LOL

God Bless!


Oh... and the project we really did was clay sculptures (I didn't do any of this only my younger siblings) bake them, and paint them! Lots of fun!

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