Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye Girlie!

Okay... another goodbye! :*( My sister went to college last winter, but we didn't think she'd be able to go this Autumn. So... I wasn't expecting her to leave.... I irritated her sometimes.. but she always did stuff with me anyway! Like watching movies... or surfing the internet... or looking at her Facebook... or looking at the latest styles! So much fun most of the time! Her story is rather interesting so I will give space to tell it to you!

Ella, (my older sister) came home in the middle of March. She got a minimum wage job, and still had some stuff to pay from last year's bill. So, after working as long as she could, there just wasn't that $2,360 (or something like that) money hanging around! lol So we started praying about it, because she really wanted to go back! I mean, she wants to be a lawyer! that's undergrad and then gradschool! So, there were only three days, (we thought) after they took her balance down to that $2,360, and so we sent in to the Christian radio station (K-Love) that we needed prayer for this. So, the time "ran out" and I forgot all about it (I'm not sure about the others) So last Sunday, we went to church, and you know, listened to the sermon and then stayed a while. Well my mom got to talking (with my sister) to a guy that's really a friend of all us older kids. (Phil and he's about 26) And my mom asked if he would pray about it. So he said sure. Now today, my sister checks her email (she was still getting regular alerts from her college Brandeis) and finds a letter from the admissions in there. She opens it and they say that they've fixed her scholarships and her loans (and all the rest!) and she now has a balance of $0.00 and that she'd better choose classes and register from them! Talk about awesome!

So... right now, she's on her way up to Waltham, MA with my mom and older brother driving. (Yes, this does mean lots of crafts while they're gone and more interesting posts like Trouble with Tribbles!) So, this is a sad goodbye, but also a happy one since she'll be doing what she wants to do! Hurray! And thank you LORD!

God Bless and have a great ... weekend? lol

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