Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Thanksgiving Dress

This dress I just made for my little sister is so "Holidays" to me! lol The colours the pattern... So, that explains the title! lol Here are some cute pics!

Mother's things are a bit too big!

Lol so I'm not really her mom, but it makes a cute pic, don't you think? :D

How are the gathers looking? Believe me, everything looks WAY better in RL! lol

I love these sleeves! I need to make myself a dress like this! lol

See what I mean? lol This project was SO easy! I used simplicity... I forget what! lol it's the one with the two little girls in grey dresses on the front!

Sorry for the sudden orange lighting! my camera's having problems... :(

So... tell me what y'all think! If you're attracted to this dress, I can make one for you! Or any other style you like! Check out my site: The sunbonnet and apron are also possible orders! Thanks for stopping by!

God Bless,

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