Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! And... a list of (ten) resolutions ( I will probably really have more than this ) ;) Feel free to share yours if you want!

1.  Draw closer to God

2. Have a better attitude (I can get an attitude sometimes!)

3. Try to be happier and more joyful (some might see this as very unnecesarry for me, but believe me it is hard sometimes!)

4. Talk less (YIKES! I sometimes use talking just to fill time!)

5. Show Christ to at least one person

6. Make it to EVERY Youth Group (I did last year!)

7. Make more friends and be more of a help to them

8. Make an organized prayer list

9. Give more

10. Show people LOTS of love!

Alright... I think that's all for now! LOL I think maybe it should have been called "Confessions and Resolutions" what do you think? :D Some of those I think I can start before midnight ;) 


TRY TO BLOG MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!! lol



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy 18th B-day!

Happy birthday to Kenny!!! She's 18 today, way down there in Georgia! LOL Sooo have a fun day, girl, and a good time at Youth Group tonight! Love ya lots!

Love you! Hugs!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to dear, sweet Bascha! She's 18! WOW! lol Old enough to vote, or get married! :O Love you, Basch!

To a very special person! *hugs and kisses*

Love you! xoxoxoxo


Monday, November 4, 2013

Picnic in the Rain PART 3

I couldn't resist putting the third part up today! lol Soooo... here it is! and you don't have to wait :D

Here are the potatoes, right before I put them to boiling :) I purposely left some skin on :D Mom said it would be more 'rustic' that way! LOL and I like the skins anyhow :)

Freshly mashed potatoes :) Yummy! They were nice and warm at this point :( not so at the picnic unfortunately.

And now for the pride of my heart! LOL the Lemon Meringue pie! LOTS of pics of this one!

Freshly molded pie crusts :) Soft and oily!

Here's a closeup of the pie crust before it's cooked :)

Here are the baked pie crusts, and the pie filling, not yet boiled :)

Here's the filling almost finished :) for a while I was scared that my little bro had ruined it! lol but it came out beautiful!

An early pic of beating the egg whites :)

Looking fluffy a bit?

OOOO! Look! a little mound in the middle? YES!

OOOH! the peaks are standing now!!!

Here is the pie with the filling poured in, and the meringue spread on top :)

Here is the meringue formed into peaks! :D

This is me making the peaks! :D

About to go in!

Fresh out of the oven! Look at that beautiful gold colouring! :D

Here they both are! :D the one on the right is a little 'too golden' but it tasted good! :D

There you have it! I did it in three parts just like Theresa did! :D



Picnic in the Rain PART 2

Sooo I promised more pics of the picnic :D here some more are!

Here's Andrew being a little sweetheart! ♥

Don't you wish we had gotten pics in this room?! 

Those stairs would have been BEAUTIFUL to get pics on! 

Here's us trying to get arranged on the stairs that had to do, since the top two pics are miniatures! lol

Another picture of Bascha's beautiful dress and hat and gloves! :D

Here's us along the loading dock before t joined us :D

It totally looks like I'm fixing Ann Marie's skirt, doesn't it?! BUT I WASN'T! lol it's so funny!

Here's Caroline's ivy shot. Isn't she pretty? :)

Here's dear Theresa! :)

And here is sweet Bascha! :)

Now for the food pics :P Purely put up to make your mouth water! LOL

Lemon meringue pie! Hand beaten meringue, and hand mixed crust! :D 

Mashed potatoes decorated with Rosemary. Potatoes were made from scratch :) Hand mashed ;)

Kinda fuzzy, I know, but you can still see it :) and no, Bascha is not doing anything with a phone or ipod!

No more pictures are allowed to be posted! lol sooo this will have to satisfy you for the time! :D I WILL post pictures of me baking the pies and boiling potatoes, don't worry! lol

Enjoy for now!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Picnic in the Rain PART 1

We finally had the picnic! It was soo much fun and we sang for about two hours! So here are some pictures and a little bit of commentary :)

Me, Ann Marie, and Caroline! We're sitting on a covered well :) 

Me, Ann Marie, Caroline, Bascha, and Theresa! I loved the ivy! And look at the background! LOL

There was no sun out! :( All cloudy and dark and raining part of the time! :( But the kind curators (or whatever they were! LOL) let us eat in the building in the lecture room! Oh by the way! lol this was the High Point Museum! :D We had lots of fun! Here are some more pictures! lol I'm gonna have mostly pics I think!

Ann Marie looking beautiful! 

Me outside one of the historic buildings! :D

Me holding Theresa's little brother Andrew! :)

Caroline! How sweet she is here!

Close up of my sleeve and little Andrew grabbing onto me! :) He's so sweet!

I love this picture! :) Snoops! lol

LOL someone's seen them! :D

Aww look how sweet he is going up the steps! I like this shot! :)

Me and Theresa! ♥

Bascha looking lovely! I like how she did her hair! Her dress was BEAUTIFUL!

Look at Bascha's beautiful dress! :) I LOVE it! I gotta make one like that soon!

Here's the ivy shot of me! :) We each got one. :)

Unfortunately.... It doesn't let me upload any more pics! :( soooo another blog post coming soon! lol

So yeah... I will be making another blog post probably either tomorrow... or Sunday, or sometime this week! lol :) Enjoy for now!



Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update-Rage-and some WWII newspapers!

So... Haven't done much sewing recently.. cept for an attempt at medieval clothes which FAILED! lol It was horrible- really! If you want a little picture for your mind.... the back piece was made too small, so the lacing didn't work (I didn't use ANY kind of pattern for this, didn't even draft one! LOL) I cut the neckline uneven... So yes, that as fail! :D

Second, I am raging because...

I HAVE SEEN TOO MANY POOFY DRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fell like I never want to make another poofy dress- EVER! That is why I want to make a medieval dress! :D I am SICK of always making... A fitted bodice, sleeves, dropped shoulder, REALLY wide, gathered skirt, and a jewel neckline. OR a gathered bodice, some short sleeves, a REALLY wide, gathered skirt, and a jewel neckline. And always having to fit it over a corset, having ALL those layers is driving me crazy! Besides that... I have no cotton material. So! ANYONE THAT HAS A MEDIEVAL DRESS PATTERN... I AM OPEN TO BORROWING! lol

Thirdly. We are cleaning out our shed, and I got these out...

We've got the later part of 1943...

And the beginning of 1944! :D

I forget who that is... I love the evening gown beside!

I think it's an ad for operators...

In the bin! LOL

Random stuff... I don't remember what it was!

Here's another shot of in the bin...

Theresa... I know you're DYING right about now! :P There's SOO much of this! I didn't even read it all! LOL I read a lot of our 1976 newspaper, though... read through the marriage section and found somebody with our neihbor's last name! WOW! lol I'll have to ask him about it...

Well.. just thought I'd bring ya' up to date! :D

God Bless! Have a great weekend!