Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! And... a list of (ten) resolutions ( I will probably really have more than this ) ;) Feel free to share yours if you want!

1.  Draw closer to God

2. Have a better attitude (I can get an attitude sometimes!)

3. Try to be happier and more joyful (some might see this as very unnecesarry for me, but believe me it is hard sometimes!)

4. Talk less (YIKES! I sometimes use talking just to fill time!)

5. Show Christ to at least one person

6. Make it to EVERY Youth Group (I did last year!)

7. Make more friends and be more of a help to them

8. Make an organized prayer list

9. Give more

10. Show people LOTS of love!

Alright... I think that's all for now! LOL I think maybe it should have been called "Confessions and Resolutions" what do you think? :D Some of those I think I can start before midnight ;) 


TRY TO BLOG MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!! lol