Friday, November 1, 2013

Picnic in the Rain PART 1

We finally had the picnic! It was soo much fun and we sang for about two hours! So here are some pictures and a little bit of commentary :)

Me, Ann Marie, and Caroline! We're sitting on a covered well :) 

Me, Ann Marie, Caroline, Bascha, and Theresa! I loved the ivy! And look at the background! LOL

There was no sun out! :( All cloudy and dark and raining part of the time! :( But the kind curators (or whatever they were! LOL) let us eat in the building in the lecture room! Oh by the way! lol this was the High Point Museum! :D We had lots of fun! Here are some more pictures! lol I'm gonna have mostly pics I think!

Ann Marie looking beautiful! 

Me outside one of the historic buildings! :D

Me holding Theresa's little brother Andrew! :)

Caroline! How sweet she is here!

Close up of my sleeve and little Andrew grabbing onto me! :) He's so sweet!

I love this picture! :) Snoops! lol

LOL someone's seen them! :D

Aww look how sweet he is going up the steps! I like this shot! :)

Me and Theresa! ♥

Bascha looking lovely! I like how she did her hair! Her dress was BEAUTIFUL!

Look at Bascha's beautiful dress! :) I LOVE it! I gotta make one like that soon!

Here's the ivy shot of me! :) We each got one. :)

Unfortunately.... It doesn't let me upload any more pics! :( soooo another blog post coming soon! lol

So yeah... I will be making another blog post probably either tomorrow... or Sunday, or sometime this week! lol :) Enjoy for now!




  1. This was totally smashing! :D I had a ball, and so did everyone else :).

    1. Yes it was total fun! lol I loved it the whole time! :D