Monday, November 4, 2013

Picnic in the Rain PART 2

Sooo I promised more pics of the picnic :D here some more are!

Here's Andrew being a little sweetheart! ♥

Don't you wish we had gotten pics in this room?! 

Those stairs would have been BEAUTIFUL to get pics on! 

Here's us trying to get arranged on the stairs that had to do, since the top two pics are miniatures! lol

Another picture of Bascha's beautiful dress and hat and gloves! :D

Here's us along the loading dock before t joined us :D

It totally looks like I'm fixing Ann Marie's skirt, doesn't it?! BUT I WASN'T! lol it's so funny!

Here's Caroline's ivy shot. Isn't she pretty? :)

Here's dear Theresa! :)

And here is sweet Bascha! :)

Now for the food pics :P Purely put up to make your mouth water! LOL

Lemon meringue pie! Hand beaten meringue, and hand mixed crust! :D 

Mashed potatoes decorated with Rosemary. Potatoes were made from scratch :) Hand mashed ;)

Kinda fuzzy, I know, but you can still see it :) and no, Bascha is not doing anything with a phone or ipod!

No more pictures are allowed to be posted! lol sooo this will have to satisfy you for the time! :D I WILL post pictures of me baking the pies and boiling potatoes, don't worry! lol

Enjoy for now!



  1. Your blog cuts off for how many pictures you can add? Mine doesn't do that...
    And fixing Ann Marie's, uh, killing a bug? :P

    1. LOL *embarrassed little face* No it doesnt.. I didn't scroll up! :D and yes, i was killing the shield bug :P