Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update-Rage-and some WWII newspapers!

So... Haven't done much sewing recently.. cept for an attempt at medieval clothes which FAILED! lol It was horrible- really! If you want a little picture for your mind.... the back piece was made too small, so the lacing didn't work (I didn't use ANY kind of pattern for this, didn't even draft one! LOL) I cut the neckline uneven... So yes, that as fail! :D

Second, I am raging because...

I HAVE SEEN TOO MANY POOFY DRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fell like I never want to make another poofy dress- EVER! That is why I want to make a medieval dress! :D I am SICK of always making... A fitted bodice, sleeves, dropped shoulder, REALLY wide, gathered skirt, and a jewel neckline. OR a gathered bodice, some short sleeves, a REALLY wide, gathered skirt, and a jewel neckline. And always having to fit it over a corset, having ALL those layers is driving me crazy! Besides that... I have no cotton material. So! ANYONE THAT HAS A MEDIEVAL DRESS PATTERN... I AM OPEN TO BORROWING! lol

Thirdly. We are cleaning out our shed, and I got these out...

We've got the later part of 1943...

And the beginning of 1944! :D

I forget who that is... I love the evening gown beside!

I think it's an ad for operators...

In the bin! LOL

Random stuff... I don't remember what it was!

Here's another shot of in the bin...

Theresa... I know you're DYING right about now! :P There's SOO much of this! I didn't even read it all! LOL I read a lot of our 1976 newspaper, though... read through the marriage section and found somebody with our neihbor's last name! WOW! lol I'll have to ask him about it...

Well.. just thought I'd bring ya' up to date! :D

God Bless! Have a great weekend!




  1. Like I told already OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! That is heavenly!!! :) I want I want I want!!! :) That is like WAY cool that you found those under the floor! My friend Brittany is a nanny, and the family she nannies for found a book with a newspaper page from 1789 I think (it may have been a little earlier), inside of a wall, and they gave it to her. I am wanting to rip apart my house right now looking for old newspapers....! :) If you ever get a chance to read through all of the papers, email me pictures of the most interesting articles so I can read them too :). So cool!
    Love you!
    ~Theresa :)
    p.s. sorry 'bout your medieval dress :(

    1. LOL i've got a plan already, don't worry! :D Oh good for Brittany! AWESOME! Thanks!


      P.S. It's so funny! Right now it looks like a '40's evening gown... only really crummy. Since it was green, I told my sis that about all it would work for is Eve's apron of leaves! LOL (which btw... a real translation... Apron of leaves means a loincloth so... that wasnt quite an accurate description! LOL)