Saturday, September 21, 2013


I love paintings! Okay... these aren't my era (as in sewing era) but I still like them, and I love Wallace and all things Medieval as well as the Civil War etc.! lol

Wallace at his 'trial'. Of course, the English framed him...

Isn't she pretty? Wish I looked like that! lol

Another pretty lady! I love this picture!

The Lady of Shallot

Not sure what's going on, but I like both dresses!

I've always loved this pic! I'm thinking of getting some Medieval patterns! :D

This one is pretty, too!

I once knew who this was! lol Can't remember now... Anyone know?

Ophelia... was that the name of the girl above? lol

Beautiful bride! I can't wait to be one! *sigh*

Awww! this one's pretty! Night errant and his beautiful lady!

So... an outlet of my Medieval fanatasism cause I've been reading lots of Henty's.. and if you don't know what they are.. look up George Alfred Henty! He wrote lots of awesome books! Alright... so these are all pretty and I'm glad I've put these up, cause I'm hoping to someday make a Medieval gown! :D



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  1. I like all of those but I think my most favourite is picture 2 and the last one. There is something very elegant and flowy about medival :). I havent read a Henty book yet, but maybe I will soon. I would love to see if you make a medieval gown!

    1. Yes! I love the last one.. except his arm is at an awkward position... My favorites are...

      Wallace, The lady saying goodbye to her knight, The lady knighting the guy, the bride, and the last one!

      Love ya'!