Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Party Dress Plan

Yay! It's for sure now! This will be my next project... a 1950's prom dress for a Homeschool Ball me and dear Bascha and Theresa are attending this April! So my basic style is narrowed down to two patterns.. so i will put links to both :)

strap style

halter neck

Tell me which one would look better in this FABULOUS tulle! :O

The great thing is... I can get this for only $0.99 per 54" yard! :O is that crazy or is that CRAZY!? lol So yes.... That's my ideas... and how would that coral tulle look with a pair of DELIGHTFUL silver pumps? Gorgeous? ;) lol I am totally excited about this and can't WAIT to make it! :O Also... I still haven't decided what colour lining (and any smooth parts of the bodice) I will go with... Maybe a silky beige or pinkish sheet from Goodwill? :D

Totally excited!


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