Thursday, August 1, 2013


Uh-oh my train derailed! I have to wait to get a bolt of muslin before I can finish my wool dress. You see, I messed up while I cut out my lining so now I have to make new lining.

This means that I have taken out ALL the piping that took me SO long to sew on! This also means I had to rip out all the seams! So after I've got the muslin, I have to completely re-sew EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! *time to freak out* lolk

 So... that's why I'm not finished yet. So... I'll try to get some muslin as soon as I can! I hope I have some greater news soon!

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  1. I am so sorry about your dress! :( waa. Do you know what is cheaper than muslin though? I stock up on sheets at the thrift store :D I mean, yards and yards for just $5 total? yes! And not only do they work great for mock-ups, white sheets are excellent for petti's, chemises, drawers, lining for some things, etc.! I hope you get back on the rail soon though, this wool is going to be SUCH a pretty dress!!

  2. Oh really? Yeah, duh! I knew that! That's a good idea! Before I go to get muslin I'll check the thrift store! xD Thanks for reminding me!