Friday, August 2, 2013

Wacky Writer

So, during my down time of sewing, I thought I might mention my historic novel writing craze! lol xD I LOVE writing historic fiction! I've already written one book and been told by a publisher that they will consider it for future publication! I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was!

 However, after reading a deeply researched book... (Woman of Valour by Stephen Oates.) By the way I'm not even halfway through it! I discovered that I had not interpreted the war correctly...

That being said, I am now writing a new book from a different angle of the war. My first was a nurse in the Union.... She was originally from Virginia, then her parents die and she moves to Nebraska to live with her uncle and cousin, then the war comes and her ranch is raided and the Yankees come and drive the raiders away... Anyhow, she goes through a lot of the war, I didn't make it anywhere NEAR realistic, or graphic. It was really just the "Oh look! A reenactment! Let's go!" effect! haha!

Now, I've been reading about the bad medicine, the terrible side effects, the freezing, the blown away limbs! I didn't do our forefathers justice. So... I guess if they publish my first book "Sissy Johnson" it will be a tamed down Civil War book for little kids that would be horrified if they read anything too graphic.

Sissy ends up marrying... well, comment and tell me that you want me to tell you, if you want to know! lol

SO! My new book is about a girl in the Confederacy who's still got her family. This is going to be challenging AND interesting to write. There's starvation, separation, slave trouble, changing military control, poverty...

And YES this DID have something to do with sewing room tales, cause my sewing room quadruples as my music room, writing area, bedroom, and sewing room! lol xD

I'll write a post about my music interests prolly sometime soon... BEFORE I get my muslin! Something to keep readers around! lol

Well, I hope you enjoy all these spoilers, and don't forget to check out my site! Bespoke By Ruth

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