Saturday, August 24, 2013

Silk and Sales

So... I'm sure you have all been thinking that I have - fallen off the face of the planet! NOT SO!!!!!! I am still here and very much here! I've been planning a picnic with some friends, and also attempting a silk hat... That's not coming out so good! :P

 My wool dress will be coming along soon, I hope! Either this week or next week I should be able to get some cotton for the lining, perhaps not, but I'm hoping!

 So... I don't really have any pictures of the hat because it's so bad! I found out I made it too small, so I'm going to have to re-cut everything! I hope I can figure this out! So, if I have any troubles, I'll post them here and the SA and see what folks can help me with. :) My friends are so helpful! I love you guys! xD

Anyhow, now that I have finally actually finished my site! *roll eyes* I have it up and running and I hope some folks will drop in and have a look. There's an Opening Sale right now, and everything (your entire purchase) is 15% off! 

I'm hoping to make money off my sewing to help fund my projects. So... don't forget to tell your friends! This is really a break for you and them, because my prices are already lower than most Civil War clothing suppliers! So this is a chance to save LOADS of money on birthdays and Christmas presents! Or maybe just because you need a new dress or suit or waistcoat or whatever! Anyhow, advertise for me if you can, and I hope to hear from some folks! Don't forget... 15% off on YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE between now and Sep. 30th

Have fun and hope you have a nice day!

God Bless!

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