Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trouble with Tribbles

So... My sister found an article about how to make these really CUTE yarn toys. We've been making them while my mom's up in Michigan. (Okay, so I took a break from writing this and it's now the second day she's back! :P lol) So anyhow, I'm not sure where she found it, but I'll give the tutorial to you. These are awesome crafts to set your little 'ones' doing, whether they're siblings or your kids! This is SUPER CUTE!

Aren't they sweet?!

Lemme see ya' kid!

So... to start with, you need a piece of cardboard, at least 1'x1', a skein of yarn, scissors, super glue, and eyes that you can get in the craft aisle of dollar tree! :) Super easy to make!

So, to begin with, cut a semicircle out of your cardboard, half the size you want your tribble. (These are called tribbles because of the Star Trek Original Series episod, "Trouble with Tribbles") These things look exact! lol Anyways, cut the semicircle exactly half the size you want your tribble. Then on the flat side of your semicircle, cut another semicircle in the exacst middle. This is to allow the yarn to loop. Take an end of your yarn (no cutting any yarn yet!) and start wrapping it around the form. Don't wrap it tight, leave some room. After you've wrapped it thickly, cut the yarn at the skein end. Now take a length of yarn 6" long and thread it under the yarn at the flat side and above the cardboard. Tie it together VERY tightly, but don't snap the yarn. Now take your scissors and along the arced side, cut the yarn directly over the ridge of the cardboard. Take the cardboard off, fluff the yarn to turn it into a ball and take the eyes and glue them on wherever you wish, at the roots of the yarn! Voila- a tribble!

These make super great, easy, and cute Christmas or Birthday presents! Just make them in the person's favorite color! I know what I'll be working on this November! Wow, prolly around 24 of these things! lol

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God bless!


  1. hee hee :). They look very similar to the many pom poms we made one time...we were going to make a rug (we actually made enough to make a rug, we just never made the rug)with them. :D so cute!

  2. Oh! lol that's what they're REALLY called! Pom poms! lol Thanks, Theresa! Yes, they are really cute. Make the rug! It's an awesome idea :)