Friday, July 26, 2013


I know I really should have posted this yesterday morning, because this is what I did the day before yesterday! lol But anyhow, better late than never... I've cut out the bodice, basted it together, cut out the sleeves, basted them together, pleated, and set them in the armscye (basted), and basted in the closure. Here's some pics of how I've been doing it! xD

This is the sleeve being cut out. Those colorful object in the top right are scraps of material.

Oops! I didn't have it sitting right there!

Here's the front. You can't see it in the picture, but in person, the top of the dart has white thread showing. I wonder how to fix that?

Here we are. Now the back's sitting right!

Well, how am I doing? I got the grey thread from Hancock's yesterday and so now I can hem my skirt and pleat it and then I'll have to find some sort of cotton twine or string and make piping! *sigh* So much to do but I think I can do it by next Tuesday at least. That is, if I can find something to make piping out of. If I wasn't doing piping I think I could finish it in another day... probably today actually! Well, hope you enjoy my post and don't forget to take a look at my custom clothing site at:  Bespoke By Ruth


  1. About the white thread showing, I think maybe if you used a different colored thread on the darts, like maybe your base color, it wouldn't show as much. Are you in a rush to get this dress done for something? Or you just like to finish things up quick? :) The sleeves are gorgeous so far...loving it! I used cotton yarn for the piping on my dress...if you're wanting something finer than that though, maybe use crochet thread. I saw a silk dress once in person, and the piping was teeny tiny, but it looked great on that dress. Piping doesn't take long at all :)Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. I tried crochet thread last night! Bad idea! I couldn't do it right. I just somehow couldn't get right against the chord because I couldn't feel it. I guess I'll do something heavier! Oh! Yes, the darts are working now, thanks. I just got to fix the one. xD