Monday, June 9, 2014


So, I just finished this (in my opinion) REALLY good book by Lisa Beamer called "Let's Roll". It's about her and her husband (Todd Beamer)'s life together before 9-11 and then her life with their kids afterward. I thought it was a really cool book, showed their faith in God, and was really pretty encouraging to read.

Okay so that's not the only book I'm recommending today.. (hehehe) I also LOOOVE the book "Little Princes" by Connor Grennan. It's a book about this college dude (yes another true story) who decides hes gonna go on a trip around the world having fun. But he wants to justify this whirl of fun so he decides to do three months of helping care for these orphans in Nepal. So the story chronicles his work in Nepal and it's really cool, I'd tell you more except it might ruin the story! I really love it though, and if you have some time you should totally read it :D This one is also encouraging to read, it shows how he came to Christ etc.

So then I have a few 1910's books I love (hehehe) There's a series "Dick Prescott & Co." by H. Irving Hancock which I am reading right now.. They are really fun! and then there is "For the Right" by I can't remember who LOL but that's the title so you can look it up on

Now I'm going to make a promise that way I HAVE to do it... I am going to put a post up of pictures of our goats and dog and the horse... by.... next week! :D (giving myself that much time because.. well... it's supposed to rain.. and who knows when I'll get around to taking pictures and.. hehe)

So in the meantime, I'll probably do a post about a cool Bible study I'm in the middle of on Revelation, I'll try to find links to my pastor's sermons to post for you (because it is just TOOO cool!)

Until I post again...