Thursday, June 12, 2014


Well, I promised a post on the goats and doggie, right???? I'm not doing this when I don't have to am I?!

So this will be mostly a picture post with a few little details about the babies  :D

Here is baby Tucson (or however that's spelt) He is actually pretty big...

This guy has been my buddy for a while! LOL though he has now graduated from "little-baby-goat-that-likes-to-jump-in-my-lap-while-I'm-writing" into "big-greedy-buckling-that-wants-his-milk-NOW"

So in the back drinking is Valentine Sonnet.. I didn't get a very good picture of her... Her and her sister Serenade are Tucson's best pals :)

Here is Serenade.. She and Valentine look nothing alike! 

Tucson hamming it up LOL

He thinks he's just too cool! :D

Fi-Fi (the big one), Galaxy (the black one I named!) and Heavenly Hash (named her too!)

Here's a pretty good picture of Valentine... see her little white heart with the grey shine?? and that's Polly behind her

Trixie and her two babies :)

So there are the goats... now for some pictures of the doggie :D

Here is Pasha.. he's tied up right now, but he loves to run around! He can actually run around the two trees, while he's tied up, too!

He had just jumped onto me! lol He likes to do that when he can....

So that's the animals! Most of them anyhow, some of the goats I didn't get pictures of... We have sixteen in all! :O

That's all (probably for a while!)

Until I see you again,

My babies and I bid you "adieu"

Valentine Sonnet
The Tucson Kid
Me and Pasha


  1. Finally!! you posted pictures! xD

  2. lol yes ... yes I did! :D Aren't they adorable??? :)


  3. I love that blue on you Ruth!! It looks greats with your skin tone and next to Pasha. :)

    1. Haha! Thanks, Bascha! yeah I like that shirt :) It's actually my sister's.. used to be mine before I lost weight, but I got rid of it because....before I lost weight it was showing too much! haha so I occasionally steal it now ;) Yeah, I love Pashka! He's adorable! (He slips through this tiny little opening in the gate to get to me!)


  4. I love their names :D Who named them?

  5. Well.... I named Valentine Sonnet (halfway) and I think Serenade, too, but I don't remember! And dad named Tuscon Kid :)

    I also named Heavenly Hash and Galaxy! :)