Monday, May 12, 2014

Miraculous Mom!

Well, to me, moms are pretty awesome! lol Especially when they insist that I don't get them a Mother's Day gift! HAHAHA (just kidding, I tried to get her one but I didn't get to go to the store.. so...)

My mom is awesome! She always wants me to do what God would want me to, she always encourages me in my hobbies, she always pays for my hobbies, she always tells me she loves me, she always takes care of me when I'm sick, she always prays for me, she always talks to me when I need to talk...

She also seems to be able to clean my room faster than me  Sorry about that.. lol that was supposed to read "She also seems to be able to clean my room".......................... Yup, she's miraculous! LOL

Soo... that being said, I think my mom is pretty awesome! She didn't get a Mother's Day gift, so I thought I would post this just to let all my friends (and any random readers) know how awesome my mom is! :D I love her!


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