Friday, April 25, 2014

Homeschool Ball Part 3 (Stories)

So... I have given you picture posts :D Now you shall have some stories... I don't have many but I will try to describe how fun the dance was and how I enjoyed seeing my friends. So I think that summed it up pretty good eh? LOL

But of course, I could never bring myself to write such a SHORT post! :D (I'm sure everyone has noticed how I like to gab ;) )

So... We arrived at the building about thirty minutes early. My mom, not being dressed up or feeling like partaking in the activities, volunteered to help in the kitchen and serving (GREAT MOM! LOL she enjoyed every minute of it!) Meanwhile, I went to the ladies' room to freshen up some *ahem*

After chatting with some random people in the ladies' room... I was ferociously set upon by four very lovely girls... Theresa, Bascha, Anne Marie, and Caroline! lol After subduing me, they immediately dragged me outside to take pictures (after forcing me into a pair of pink leggings which were cut off above the knee)

So out into the cruel elements I was dragged (Temperature was an icy 66 degrees farenheit and there was a harsh wind...) *chuckling* most of the pictures we took have been posted so.. this will probably be a no pictures post! :D The four violent ladies forced me up onto a dangerous scattering of rocks and pebbles that were a part of our crude surroundings...


Notice the nervous smile they forced upon me *hehehe* After having several single shots (I believe they wanted to keep photo records of me on file ROFL) I was "persuaded" to participate in group shots...

The leggings which had been forced upon me by my vicious attackers (chuckle) Attackers and myself from left to right.. Me, Anne Marie, Bascha, Theresa, and Caroline! 

The pictures were soon taken... including some of the boys, I was taken back within the stronghold (rofl) (by the way, Bascha, I need the pictures your mom took of us with the boys)

We returned to the innermost parts of the gloomy castle...

As you can see the light was ridiculously lacking...

There I was forced to dance with various members of my attackers... I believe the first dance was danced with a fellow prisoner actually... Ah yes, my sister Chrissy

Before our surprising capture hehehe

After which I was forced to dance with one of my attackers' brothers... The right honourable Abraham Jacques... He came up and asked politely enough.. but his sister must have decided I would have said "no" judging by the narrow looks she gave  from his shoulder...

I don't think Bascha was anywhere near... but anyhow

So the dance was enjoyed.. We swung VERY fast around and around so that was funny :D (and I got my foot stepped on.. I always thought that wasn't "for real" about boys stepping on girls' toes..)

Next I believe I danced with four strangers and my captor that went by the alias of Theresa. She was dressed in a fine silk (I think it was a polyester replica actually) gown...

Notice the interesting mink stole... 

The dance was very interesting as we had to do several moves with a little girl which added to the difficulty of the formations... but quick glances from my captors kept my complaints within my own self (ROFL)

After this dance, I hurriedly asked someone for the next dance before my captors could compel me to dance with someone of their own choosing... I actually do not have a picture of my random dance partner... all I know of him was his name was Jason.. and he knew where my hometown was! ROFL That dance was very fun as we both were having a hard time figuring how to do the formations.

I remember very little of the rest of the party. I must have been far too tired! But here is a picture of the last dance.. which I danced with a new friend of mine Sarah :)

Did I forget to mention that my wide feet broke my pumps?? and that I had to remove my shoes! Which ended up for the better.. this happens to be me and Sarah.

The X formation from above :)

Overall it was one of the most fun nights of my life! I really enjoyed hanging out with people I knew and meeting new people! Everyone was really fun and sociable!

And by the way... the above story was highly dramatized not to mention fictionalized and extremely made up! Other than the actual facts (People I danced with order of things and what we did) it is like.. so unrealistic! lol I had tons of fun doing everything the girls asked me! :D I love you girls! ♥♥♥



  1. Hahaha that was a different type of post :P It was fun seeing you again Ruth!! You will definitely have to come next year again :D


    1. Oh yes and I will drag Joe and Henderson along cause I think they would love it! LOL It was awesome seeing you too! SOOO MUCH FUN!