Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hi Again

Wow has it been a while since I last posted! I have grand news for all of my sewing pals... I have contrived to make myself a corset and it works! (no pattern.. cut my own (wooden!) boning, which I know is not period correct..) and this corset works for 1860-1880 :D I am so pleased... So right now.. I have pictures of myself in my Civil War clothing that I hadn't been able to have fun with because of my lack of a corset!

Do forgive the overly thick waist.. I had to double my coat's belt over due to it having been made for a much heavier lady!

Yes, I realize the skirt is rather short for my age now :(

A bird's nest!

I thought this was a pretty pose :)

The wind was very cooperative :D

I like how I did my hair (it looked very Civil War)

I feel like I've seen this pose in a painting before (chuckle)

And I'm picking up pecans.

So there you have it! I hope you are happy to hear from me again! :) Thanks for stopping in!



  1. Oh how fun! YOU MUST post about the corset, with photos (even if you aren't wearing it)!!!!!

  2. lol Do you think the silhouette is right, Theresa? :) and.. I'll try. I tried to get pictures of it but they were too fuzzy :( I am really excited (and I have a plan for an 1880's gown.. but more on that later hopefully!)

    Love you!

    1. Its kind of hard to see the silhouette ;-) I'd love to see more pictures! And how exciting!!

    2. yeeeeeeah lol I don't know how many more angles I could possibly get! haha (My wool needs to be remade.. seriously! lol) My wool is too short bodiced... the waist on the skirt is too big... and my blue dress is now too short for my age :/ so sad! lol can you get on skype?