Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

Well, isn't this fun?! (Yup, Baroness Schraeder from The Sound of Music) I'm absolutely terrified now that I got awarded the Liebster Award! I had always been slightly envious of people that got it, but now I am reeeaally like.. .Ummm what do I do?! lol So first off: Thank you Bascha and Theresa over at Two Teen Seamstresses for nominating me! I am honoured! lol

To get things going now, I was asked to state ten facts about myself... Okay... Be ready for some weird ones! haha

1. I'm a Christian (I know... you REALLY didn't expect that :P)
2. I love old western movies and songs
3. I play guitar (I don't know if anyone knew this)
4. I like swimming :)
5. I love talking and chilling with friends!
6. I like to read
7. I can be really strict (some of my friends tell me I'm on mom mode! hehe)
8. My favourite people are a lot older than me...
9. I often am someone's friend, but they're not really mine, if you know what I mean! lol It's funny how I can consider myself someone's friend and they tell their friends, "no I know her but we're not friends" hehehe
10. Well.. ummm I'll make this a random fact about myself... I used a pacifier until I was six... I know, don't say it! lol

Now that I've made those very random statements.... I shall go on to the direct questions asked :)

1. At what time of day do you usually find yourself wanting to sew? Or what time of day do you like to sew?

Well, this is really lazy, but usually in the afternoon (when it's my math class!) However, I got the sewing bug briefly during the summer this year :P

2. What is your next sewing project?

Ummm.. probably finishing a quilt my dad had started years ago (I know, very random) or altering something I get at the thrift store .. Unfortunately, I haven't the time or resources to get back into sewing as I had hoped to :( But, I am doing a lot of cool stuff this year so I'm still happy!

3.What is your biggest frustration when you sew clothing?

Probably hems... I hate curved hems like I don't know what! lol

4. What has been the biggest sewing lesson you learned?

Hmmm... Probably to baste things together before you go all in with a sturdy seam. Also make sure you try it on LOTS while you're in the making process :)

5. What is your favorite resource or method for researching period costuming?

This is really two questions girls! lol Ummm my favorite resource is originals (CDVs and actual garments). My favorite method is probably the internet as I don't have any nearby displays or anything soo...

6. Who do you look up to the most in the costuming world? (aka favorite blogger, seamstress you know, Elizabeth Clark, etc.)

Probably Samantha Bullat (I'm ashamed to admit, I don't know her new last name! haha) And Atlanta Shannon. They are two VERY talented girls!

7. What was the first thing you sewed? Do you have a photo you could share?

Well, I remember what I sewed, but I'm afraid I don't have any pictures. It was a rag doll I had. When I was five, my mom let me sew her arms and legs on when they came off! If you're referring to clothing, then it was this TERRIBLE skirt I made.. (I wish I had a picture of it with the matching jacket...)

Yeah, my hair was pretty short and I had bangs..... This was an attempt at 1860's I'm not sure how many years ago! I think three? hehehe

8. Do you ever plan on taking sewing or patterning classes?

No idea. Perhaps, but I really don't think so! I think my sewing is pretty much turning into, "sewing on buttons that came off, fixing a neckline, repairing a ripped crotch" that sort of stuff :)

9. Would you ever sew modern clothing?

A whole outfit? A whole shirt? Maybe! hehe But I get stuff so cheap at the thrift store anyhow, I really don't know. Now if you mean altering something then yes! I already have (messed with a swimsuit but alas it didn't work anyhow).

10. Where do you see yourself, five years in the future, in regards to costuming?

 Probably doing it here and there to attend stuff with friends. (Yes, Bascha and Theresa, I am soo planning on next year's historic ball already! hehe) And perhaps next year for Westville in GA. But I really couldn't say. Right now I have no clue what the next five years holds!

Whew! I got through it okay! haha!

I would nominate Samantha Bullat... Over at The Couture Courtesan But I'm not sure if I can since she's live journal... go ahead and check her out anyhow! :)

So I'm going to nominate Brooke Whitaker from Stitches Of The Past
Along with Tara from A Lass of Yesteryear Wow is some of her stuff cool!

So, please state ten things about yourself, and answer the following ten questions!

1. How did you get into sewing?
2. A random fact
3. Where do you sew?
4. Would you consider sewing for a career?
5. Do you play an instrument?
6. What is your favourite costume you have ever made (Please share a picture if you have one!)
7. What was your first costume? (Please share a picture if you have one!)
8. How do I tell you you have been nominated?! just kidding!
8. Do you see yourself continuing to sew for many moons to come? :)
9. Who is your favourite author?
10. What is your favourite book?

There we go! I guess that wraps it up!

I hope to be posting something a bit more interesting in the near future!

Love you guys and thanks for having a look!



  1. Nice Ruth! The pacifier lol!!! The white is from pasting off of my blog. You'll have to retype it in your own part to fix it. (Think like in a word doc, changing font or something). ♥♥♥

    1. Lol why thank you! And... didn't I say not to say it?! HAHA We all laugh about that, it's a common little laugh amongst folks I know :)

      And thanks! I fixed it! I'm really happy I got this award! :) I think it was a ton of fun!