Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Anne Shirley Highwayman/Wedding Dress

"Strange title."

"I know."

"What's up?"

"Well, it's pretty much Anne Shirley's dress she quotes the Highwayman in, but its also a little different."

That pretty much describes my project! :D But I'll go into more detail for the benefit of prettiness and fluffiness minded readers! Here is one little idea which it is going to be hugely based off of!

This is a doll pattern but... I can make my own patterns.

This is basically Anne Shirley's Highwayman dress! Except that Anne's has a round waistline, and is a gathered to fit bodice. I think mine will be as Anne's in regard to the fittedness (I know that is not a word) of the bodice. However, I may end up changing my mind and doing it as this gown is done. It will have the ruffle, it will have the train, it will have the PUFFED SLEEVES! (come on Anne Shirley fans!) and I think I will do the neckline the same as this neckline is :) 

I have the material, 9 and 5/8 yards of white Swiss Dot!!!!!!!! and 9 and 1/2 yards of a tighter weave white cotton to line it (Swiss Dot is extremely sheer!) 

My progress on this project? I've actually made my corset pattern already and it works! I've made the pattern and tried it and it's a winner, folks! It's an 1890's princess seamed corset (no gussets works for me!) 

I'll keep you updated! :D Totally excited!

P.S. the wedding dress part is called... afternoon tea wedding reception anyone? Most defs! This gown would be gorgeous for an afternoon tea wedding!

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