Sunday, September 21, 2014

Epic Gift/ Good Start?

So... the first part of my Epic Gift series which shall run until I have all my 1700's underthings made up :D I have completely sewn my fashion fabric and interfacing together. Now I am working on the boning :D

Inside of the channels :D

Another shot of the inside :D

Here is the outside of the stays... you can see the deep channels (I love it!)

Here is before I had gotten so far :) 

One half smooth and the other channeled

One half smooth and the other channeled! :D

I love these stays already! I can feel how comfy they're going to be! (and they're already giving me a 1700's shape! I'm soooo excited!)  This was such an awesome gift! ALL the materials! YAY haha

So there's an update ;)



  1. THIS is what i'm talking about, progress and update photos and posts! :D yay! And wow Ruth, you sure move fast! it's been what, two days and you've handsewed the stays and boned half of it BY HAND??!! lol i'm amazed. I'm so happy that you're's making me motivated to go finish men's shirts i started guuuurrr...arm gussets. blah. lol
    theresa :)

    1. HAHAHA I love girl clothes :P but i SOOOO want to make Percy's grey suit!!!!!! I have to get someone to come with me! :D Thanks for the compliment!

      Love you too!