Friday, March 28, 2014

Little Additions

Soo... since I last wrote.. I have been... bottlefeeding three little babies four times a day, feeding a horse twice a day, doing school, going to youth group, hanging with my best friend.. LOL very busy! :D

So.. the babies are little goat babies :D we have... seven doelings and a buckling! :D

Serenade and Valentine Sonnet are both out of our doe Melody and our buck Buster :D Serenade is brown with black markings and Valentine is grey with white spots and black markings :)

Heavenly Hash and Rocky Road, named after the ice creams due to their coloring... are out of our doe Fifi and our buck Buster :) They are actually the oldest pair :)

Cocoa and Cappuccino are both grey with black markings :) (Did I forget to mention that every kid has white ears except Cocoa) These two are out of Trixie and Buster.

Then we have our last pair.. Midnight the buckling and Galaxy the doeling.. out of our doe Polly and our buck Buster. Both of these are black, but Galaxy has white specklings all in her. She's pretty but her brother is even prettier! He is oily black with white ears and muzzle and the tiniest bit of white on his stomach :) They are the youngest.

So... the ones I feed are our new buckling we bought (Tuscon Kid) and Serenade and Valentine :) They are very pushy and fry the life out of me sometimes! But I still love them :)

So that's like all other than I now have my heels for the dance! (No pics until the ball! :P) lol But they look gorgeous! LOL I love them! (The only reason there are no pictures.. is because I don't have time to take them, sorry!)



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